The Fast Growth School Coalition is a collective voice that educates and advocates for investment in the state’s fastest growing school districts to deliver the high-quality education Texas students and taxpayers deserve.


The coalition seeks to:

  • Build broad-based support and public awareness of the unique challenges facing Texas’ fastest growing school districts,

  • Engage our members, allies and partners to ensure our message reaches more Texans,

  • Assist and support FGSC members to successfully manage their tremendous growth, and

  • Provide legislative advocacy to drive smart, sustainable public policy that addresses the funding challenges facing our members and their larger communities.

What is a Fast-Growth School District?

To be identified as a fast-growth school district the following criteria must be met:

  1. Enrollment of at least 2,500 students during the previous school year; and
  2. Enrollment growth over the last five years of at least 10%, or
  3. A net increase of 3,500 or more students.