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Thanks for your interest in issues relevant to fast-growth schools in Texas. Please download the PDFs below to see our position statement and proposed solutions for each topic. We also invite you to download our 2016 Interim Report, showcasing relevant historical data and many surprising facts.

Jamie Wilson

From the Chair

As President of the Fast Growth School Coalition and Superintendent of Denton Independent School District, we appreciate your interest in the Fast Growth School Coalition, which has successfully represented and supported fast growth districts for over two decades.

Texas public schools enroll an average of 75,000 new students every year. Roughly, 80% of those new students are spread among just 75 of the state’s more than 1,200 public school districts statewide.

Those districts, seeing the greatest influx of new students each year, are our fast growth schools. Fast growth schools or destination districts tend to be located in areas of the state with rapid economic growth, business expansion and significant increases in population.

Our member districts have very unique and specific needs related to building new facilities, hiring new staff and managing increased academic resource costs. Yet, a majority of these fast growth districts receive no facilities funding from the state to help keep pace with the schools needed to house and educate these Texas public school students. Overall, state funding for school facilities has dwindled from a peak of 45% to 7% in 2016-17.

The Fast Growth School Coalition has been on the front lines at the Capitol advocating for smart-minded solutions to the school facilities and funding challenges Texas’ fastest growing districts face.

An investment in these public schools is an investment in the economic prosperity of Texas, and it will take collaboration and a commitment of resources at the state and local level to  ensure our keeping pace with the increasing population and demands for high-quality public education.

Whether you represent a fast growth school, are a business that values investment in our public education system or are a concerned parent or taxpayer, we invite you to learn more and lend your support to our Fast Growth School Coalition.


Jamie Wilson, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools, Denton Independent School District
President, Fast Growth School Coalition